Versalis has appointed The Malaney Group as their Distributor in India to for their Elastomers EP(D)M Dutral® CO/TER/PM/OCP and NBR Europrene® N/GRN/OZO with effect from March 2015. With this partnership both companies look forward to leveraging the strong synergies amongst them to significantly grow in the Indian market. Versalis is major producer in the polymers and elastomers industry and is acknowledged for its extensive portfolio globally, and The Malaney Group has extensive experience with respect to the sales of both EPDM and NBR.

EPDM is a versatile polymer that finds application in automotive, extruded profiles, wires and cables, gaskets for appliances, belting, polymer modification and viscosity modification of oils. NBR is used in rubber parts that require oil resistance, viz. gaskets & seals, O rings, mechanical goods, technical goods, hoses, rollers, cables, conveyor belts, footwear and manufacturing of NBR/PVC blends.


About Versalis

Versalis (Eni) holds market stewardship in manufacturing intermediates, polyethylene, styrenics and elastomers. It is interfacing with markets through globally-oriented strategies and market-driven product portfolio, emphasizing R&D and licensing. Versalis has entered the bio-based industry partnering with leading biotech companies. Through Matrěca, a JV with Novamont, the company has turned an existing petrochemical site into a bio-run integrated complex at Porto Torres, Sardinia. It has also partnered with Genomatica, to produce bio-butadiene; with Yulex, for guayule-based NR and with Pirelli for a joint research project on guayule rubber in tires; with Elevance Renewable Sciences, for productions from vegetable oils at Porto Marghera. It is also worth noticing the R&D project on yeast oils from biomass at Versalis green chemistry centre. Recently, the company has partnered with Solazyme to launch EncapsoTM, a biodegradable lubricant for drilling fluids.

Versalis aims to gain a leadership position in fast-growing markets by leveraging its technological and industrial expertise. It is in the Asia-Pacific region with the Shanghai-based subsidiaries Eni Chemicals Trading and Versalis Pacific Trading, and in Mumbai, India, with Versalis Pacific India. The company has also entered into partnerships with Petronas (Malaysia) and Lotte Chemical (South Korea) for development of its elastomers division.

Versalis has teamed up with Neville Venture to manufacture hydrocarbon resins at the Priolo plant, Sicily.


About Malaney Group

Founded in 1972 by Mr. Vishnu S. Malaney, a very well known technocrat who worked for Bayer for more than 17 years, Malaney Group is a leading supplier of a vast range of raw materials and capital goods, active in several end use segments with a strong established base of customers in the tyre and general rubber product industries. The Malaney Group represents several world class producers and leaders of products for sales to the Tyre and Rubber Industry and has historically been a leader in this respect. The Malaney Group has operations including warehousing in India and the UAE.

The Malaney Group offers an integrated supply chain solution consisting of industrial products and services, to each of the following industries:

• Automotive Components – Tyre and rubber, profiles, hoses, brakes, clutches etc.

• Wire and Cable - Energy and Telecom

• Plastics

• Life Protection

• Coatings

• Communications

• Can Manufacturing

• Man Made Fibers

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