We were founded in 1972 to service the procurement, and marketing and sales, needs of numerous Indian and overseas companies. Our founder is a very experienced technocrat who had been employed with Bayer for over 17 years, both in Germany and in India, and his strong global experience was the foundation of our organization.

We are now a multi-product, multi-service organization, focused on meeting the global sourcing, marketing and sales, distribution, supply chain management, and business process outsourcing, needs of numerous clients representing a variety of industries, from all over the world.

We are superbly positioned to significantly benefit from the generally strong growth of the regional economies, and especially as it relates to growth of the regional automotive and infrastructure driven supply chains and industries. We are thus very confident that by leveraging our commitment to co-create value with out partners, our unique industry and individual customer insight, our extensive network, and strong infrastructure, we will contribute to significantly enhancing our partners' market positions as well, in some of the fastest growing economies of the world.

We are known for our strong expertise in six fast growing and critical supply chains:



We typically offer an integrated supply chain solution consisting of industrial products and services, to each of the following industries we serve:

Automotive Components
Cables - Energy and Telecom
Can Manufacturing

We especially focus on South and West Asia's, infrastructure needs.

We are universally recognized as the largest and most comprehensive supplier of choice to the Indian Tyre and Rubber, Life Protection, and non-asbestos Brake Lining and Clutch Facing Industries. We are also amongst the largest suppliers of a comprehensive range of products to the Optical Fibre Cable Industry, and have established a strong leadership position in numerous other key segments as well.

Our direct customers exceed 1,300 large and medium sized companies from South and West Asia; we also cater to numerous small customers through a network of sub-agents and local distributors.


We are a professional organization whose personnel include very experienced and highly qualified technocrats. We employ chemical, mechanical, and electronic engineers, chemists, rubber and plastic technologists, MBAs and commercial experts. Our senior management has a combined industry experience of over 400 man years.


We are headquartered in Bombay. We have established a supply chain and distribution subsidiary in Sharjah (Dubai), The U.A.E. We own over 5,500 square feet of office space. Our own warehousing facilities, in the U.A.E., and also in India which is located close to both of India's largest ports, stock numerous raw materials, and capital equipment and spares. We have deployed state-of-the-art ERP, automation, communication, and security technologies. We have also significantly invested in e-enabling our business process.

Food processing
Life protection
Life Protection
Man Made Fibres
Tyre & Rubber Products