The European Rubber Journal, (UK), October 2001
SBM is India's dominant supplier of third party goods and services to the Indian tyre and rubber industry. SBM handles machinery, materials, additives on behalf of international suppliers, and is regarded as the benchmark for any company aiming to supply the rubber industry in the sub-continent.

Mr. Enrique Bolanos, CEO, Flexsys
"We have the best rubber chemical agent in India, Polymer Products Corporation, who is also representing leading companies of many rubber and tyre ingredients. Insoluble Sulphur imports will be added to their portfolio next January"
- Rubber Asia, September - October, 1999

Mr. Graeme Donald, Business Director Europe, Allied Signal Industrial Fibres
"We chose Polymer Product Corporation, because of its extensive experience in and outstanding knowledge of the Indian rubber industry and particularly the tyre industry."
" In terms of technical capabilities and management skills, PPC is an Excellent strategic fit with Allied Signal's objective to be a premier global supplier of quality industrial fibers" Donald added
- Rubber Asia, January - February 1998

Mr. Henri Vansweevelt, Vice President Marketing, Bakaert MBU Steel Cord
"In this context, I also would stress the fact that we have and existing support function in India with our representative, SBM Chemicals & Instruments Private Ltd., Bombay, who sent one of their staff member to our headquarters in Belgium for technical training in support of the Indian tyre companies. We have been ably represented in India by SBM for some years now. SBM Chemicals & Instruments are very active in the Indian rubber industry in general, and in the tyre industry specially, and have supported our efforts both technically and commercially"
- IRJ, May - June 1995

Berstorff News Magazine
"Since end - October Messrs. SBM Chemicals & Instrument are officially the new representation of Berstorff's equipment for rubber processing. Enquiries are already followed up for months.
Company founder and Managing Director Mr. Vishnu Malaney is representing leading raw material machinery and testing equipment suppliers for rubber processing industry since 1972 and has been leading his own company for more than 25 years. Mr. Vishnu Malaney worked for Bayer for 17 years, and at the time of leaving was in charge of all Marketing and Sales, and Technical Service for the Indian subcontinent. Due to this long lasting, successful work SBM is well known in the rubber and tyre industry. In order to supply their customers even more service, SBM founded the new department Machines and Plants, which is still growing but already represents well known suppliers like Comerio Ercole, Calemard and VMI, only to mention some.
The new department is being led by the son of the company founder, Mr. Ronil Malaney who is well prepared for this job by totally 10 years study and work in USA and Europe, including jobs at A. T. Kearney, USA, Bayer and Akzo Nobel, NL".
- December 1999

Mr. Jo Reinart, Vice President Asia Pacific, Flexsys    
"We are also satisfied with our local sales network through the excellent performance and good customer interface by our Agent, Polymer Product Corporation, which gives us the appropriate Sales and Technical support needed to best serve our Indian customers".
- An Interview with IRJ November - December 1997

VMI Holland BV
           you laid the foundation. 15 years of hard work has paid off.
           (…) With this small note I like to thank you very much for your wisdom
           and understanding in the years we have worked  together.”